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Summer 2022

Join leaders in the field for five interactive, online seminars discussing a range of relevant and engaging topics. Each two-day summer seminar will provide a balance of foundational and innovative teaching ideas through engagement with seminar leaders and guest presenters. The seminar programs include activities in large and small groups, and encourage interaction with facilitators and other participants in real time.

Summer intensive seminars focus on themes explored in the Center online courses. Seminar attendees who have engaged in our online courses will have an opportunity to expand their knowledge and interact directly with course creators. Seminar attendees interested in purchasing an online course will receive a discount for enrollment. Course enrollment is not required to attend the summer seminars.

Summer topics are listed below, along with the online course connection:

Summer Seminar 

 Seminar  Leader

 Course Connection

July 12-13, 2022 (Tues-Wed)


 Leah Claiborne

Unsung Heroes in Piano Pedagogy: 20 Pieces by Black Composers to Use in Your Studio Now

July 14-15, 2022 (Thurs-Fri)


 Heather Smith

A Pianist’s Guide to Studio Management

July 21-22, 2022


Latin America

 Luis Sanchez

Coming soon!

July 26-27, 2022


Collegiate Group Piano 

Andrea McAlister

A Pianist’s Guide to Teaching in Groups

July 28-29, 2022


Intermediate Teaching

Pamela Pike

Coming soon!

SEMINAR COST: $275 per seminar or $175 for students
With DISCOUNT: $249 for current subscribers and course enrollees
EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION DEADLINE: May 18, 2022 (prices increase $50 at this time)

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LeahClaiborne  July 12-13    DEI with Leah Claiborne

Evaluating Teaching Literature for Cultural Sensitivities and Inclusive Practices
Leah Claiborne, Seminar Lead
Guest Presenters: J.P. Murphy and William Chapman Nyaho

In this dynamic two-day session, attendees explore, examine, and evaluate teaching literature to ensure that their chosen repertoire is inclusive and culturally sensitive. During the interactive sessions, attendees explore folk tunes commonly found in teaching repertoire, examine problematic historical origins, and learn which countries are represented by these folk melodies. The first day concludes with an exploration of diverse repertoire at various levels, which will lead to an understanding of how the music can be utilized in studio teaching.

On the second day, the seminar explores a range of tools and approaches needed to begin the process of evaluating teaching repertoire. The presenters will guide this carefully crafted process, and attendees will have the opportunity to analyze their own chosen repertoire using these evaluation steps. The day concludes with an open discussion and question-answer session to summarize final thoughts and ideas explored throughout the seminar.

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HeatherSmith  July 14-15    Business with Heather Smith

Studio Management for the Independent Teacher
Heather Smith, Seminar Lead
Guest Presenters: Wendy Bachman, Ruby Chou, Deborah H. How, Joy Morin, Paul Myatt, Kassandra Weleck

Running a successful independent music studio in the twenty-first century is not just about how well you can teach, but also how well you can run a business. Studio Management for the Independent Teacher will help you professionalize your studio and navigate important business topics. This seminar is appropriate for both new and seasoned music professionals. Explore the various components involved in becoming a successful entrepreneur through hands-on activities, workshops, and facilitated discussions. With a team of leading experts, you will navigate important business topics that impact the success and viability of an independent studio.

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LuisSanchez  July 21-22    Latin America with Luis Sanchez

Music of Latin American Composers
Luis Sanchez, Seminar Lead
Guest Presenters: Alejandro Cremaschi, Desireé González-Miller, Ana Maria Orduz, Bernardo Scarambone

The music of Latin American composers continues to achieve greater importance both in the concert stages and in the teaching studio. Composers like Alberto Ginastera, Heitor Villa-Lobos, or Manuel Ponce remain the most widely performed Latin American composers of all times. Their piano music possesses a unique fusion of a contemporary harmonic language with folk dances and songs from their homeland.

This seminar will introduce participants to repertoire from Latin America that can spice up their teaching and performing. A series of lectures will provide the tools necessary to approach this music with confidence. A master class and showcase recital will further enhance the experience providing greater insight and exposure to new works.

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AndreaMcalister  July 26-27    Collegiate Group Piano with Andrea McAlister

Teaching Collegiate Group Piano: Exploring Strategies for Student Success at All Levels
Andrea McAlister, Seminar Lead
Guest Presenters: Leah Claiborne, Diana Dumlavwalla, E.L. Lancaster, J.P. Murphy, & Omar Roy

This seminar will equip teachers with the skills necessary for planning and implementing group teaching at the college level. Group piano is a required course for most music majors, yet teachers are infrequently given the tools to successfully organize, assess, and engage students in these classes. In this interactive seminar, participants will create learning outcomes for a variety of levels and majors, craft effective lesson plans, review group piano materials, get a first-hand look at technology in the lab, and learn communication and classroom management strategies that can be immediately implemented in their own piano labs.

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PamelaPike  July 28-29    Intermediate Teaching with Pamela Pike

Intermediate Teaching and Learning
Pamela Pike, Seminar Lead

Guest presenters: Rebecca Bellelo, Marvin Blickenstaff, Jackie Edwards-Henry, Sara Ernst, Ivan Hurd, Jane Magrath, Craig Sale, and Leila Viss

Because intermediate studies span several levels and correspond with the teenage years among traditional-age students, it can be a challenge and an opportunity for musical development and engagement that will last a lifetime. This seminar explores the best practices in teaching and learning during the intermediate years by delving into key areas of a well-rounded piano curriculum. Throughout the day, expert presenters will share ideas and tips for teaching technique, musicianship, sight reading, harmonization, theory and creativity at the piano, and different genres of music. Each day will feature an expert intermediate teaching demonstration, followed by a moderated discussion. There will be daily sessions on underplayed and underrepresented intermediate repertoire that students of all ages will find captivating and gratifying. Seminar participants will come away with ideas to create meaningful musical engagement by facilitating successful experiences at the piano, increasing students’ autonomy and motivation for practice outside of the studio, and empowering musical performance during the intermediate levels.

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