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As part of its mission to provide highest quality resources for piano teaching, learning, and performing, The Frances Clark Center is now offering new online teacher education courses. In support of piano education, these courses provide new, aspiring, and established teachers access to leading experts from across the country sharing best practices on a range of essential and relevant topics for today’s teaching. The Frances Clark Center Teacher Education Courses are created from the collective wisdom of outstanding contributors to provide a comprehensive and inspiring codification of resources.

  • "This is a momentous and exciting occasion—top quality, online teacher education from the Frances Clark Center team. Many congratulations and great expectations!"
    — Dr. Sam Holland, Dean of the Meadows School of the Arts, Southern Methodist University
  • "It was an honor to be asked to contribute to this excellent resource! The first few years of piano lessons are so crucial and will often influence students’ perceptions of the instrument for the rest of their lives. The Frances Clark Center provides ongoing support for teachers so that they can offer their students the best possible music education during these very formative years."
    — Dr. Diana Dumlavwalla, Assistant Professor of Piano Pedagogy, Florida State University
  • "I so strongly believe that improvisation and creative music-making should be part of every student’s education, and it was an honor to be invited to contribute to the Beginner Course. The Frances Clark Center has created an extraordinary resource for all piano teachers, and I am very thankful that we now have this type of exceptional continuing education support. There is something for all of us in the Beginner Course, and I look forward to bolstering my own teaching development through this offering."
    — Dr. Scott Price, Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy, University of South Carolina
  • "An exciting new video series is now available from the Frances Clark Center! I was so grateful to have been asked to contribute to this important project, and it will offer a unique learning resource for all pianists and teachers."
    — Dr. Lesley McAllister, Associate Professor of Piano and Director of Piano Pedagogy, Baylor University
    About the Courses

    About the Courses

    The Beginner Course: Establishing Strong Foundations for Young Pianists is a comprehensive online course designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for working with beginning pianists (age 5-8 years old) in the most important year of piano study--the first. Participants will gain an awareness of how elementary concepts and skills lay the foundation for future advancement and success. Applicable to any beginner method, participants experience an overall curriculum that is concept-based with a wide range of approaches focused on student-centered learning.
    • Organized in 5 clearly-defined modules
    • Designed to be completed at your own pace
    • Full course completion time is approximately 36 hours
    Topics Include

    Topics Include

    • Understanding how children learn
    • Nurturing musical skills and development
    • Exploring creativity through improvisation
    • Building effective collaborations
    • Introducing pieces with purpose and imagination
    • Building successful music reading
    • Creating holisitic experiences with rhythm and movement
    • Inspiring artistry: Developing expressive playing
    • Structuring lesson time and successful goal setting
    • And much more!

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    The Beginner Course: Establishing Strong Foundations for Young Pianists Self Guided
    This accessible and practical course is divided into five clearly-divided modules designed to be completed at your own pace. Each module takes approximately 7 hours to complete with a full course completion time of approximately 36 hours.

    Cost: $129
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    The Beginner Course: Establishing Strong Foundations for Young Pianists Instructor-Facilitated
    For those desiring a more interactive course experience, an instructor-facilitated version is available. In this more intensive version, meaningful, facilitated discussion forums will allow participants to engage with each other and the course instructor on course content and other relevant topics. Participants will receive an official certificate upon completion of the course.
    Age Requirement
    Students must be at least 16 years old to enroll in the instructor-facilitated version of the Beginner Course, and students under the age of 18 may only complete the course under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to be bound by the site's Terms of Use

    Cost: $179
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