Winter 2021: Poetry Corner: Stampede of Fingers

A stampede of fingers Over the keyboard, in parallel And contrary motion. Accidentals, Crowd the corridor, gate the rush Of impetuous fingers In whole and half steps. Keys: The C scale, devoid of accidentals, Is yet a trick to pull off, tells all To an astute auditor. As for C sharp, Though posh with accidentals, It's not so hard as it may seem to ...

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Spring 2019: Poetry Corner

Mouse II Today I'm a mouseminute enoughto patter along the pedalsinto the pianoThe smell of this feltyou must realizeis something divineassailing our nosesover a distance of milesEagerlywe set about the hammersexploiting them to build our neststhen we nibble at the dampersuntil they stop dampingWhat's the point of dampers anywayWe field mice prefer...

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January/February 2019: Poetry Corner

Contributing Editor: Richard Zimdars Poem by Virginia Hamilton Adair The Birds Preach to St. Francis [Variation on a Theme by Liszt] What could he tell them they did not already know? Their wings were beating the air like tongues at Pentecost, their beaks unrolling ribbons of fire. "Man," they chorused, "dip and dance as we do in the eddies of air....

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November/December 2018: Poetry Corner

Contributing Editor, Richard ZimdarsPoem by Howard Nemerov Lines & CircularitiesOn hearing Casals' recording of the Sixth Suite Deep in a time that cannot come againBach thought it through, this lonely and immenseReflexion wherein our sorrows learn to dance.And deep in the time that cannot come againCasals recorded it. Playing it back,And ...

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May/June 2018: Preludes


Musical News and Notes News from Clavier Companion! Starting with the September/October 2018 issue, Clavier Companion will feature a number of new and expanded columns—improvisational arts, the business of music, wellness and technology. You will see your favorites—Julie Jaffee Nagel, Bradley Sowash, Wendy Stevens, and Leila Viss—from time to time,...

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Preludes: Musical News & Notes


Park, Zhou win 2017 Gina Bachauer Piano Competition Chaeyoung Park and Yun-Chin Zhou earned gold medals at the 2017 Gina Bachauer Piano Competition at The Juilliard School. Park, a native of South Korea, previously studied piano with Jack Winerock and Scott McBride Smith.She is currently studying with Robert McDonald at Juilliard, where she is...

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Poetry Corner: Nov/Dec 2017

Beethoven: Sonata No. 14 ​for Roma You were at the piano playing the "Moonlight," A name Rellstab gave it when he heard The Adagio, and remembered moonlight Flecking the waves of Lake Lucerne. But this was afternoon, in Boston, The sun lighting up your apartment Like a flare, your fingers laboring Against a dead middle-C, and an A Which twanged in ...

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Poetry Corner: September/October 2017

Music Lesson Play the notes Not as they are (Dots on the page In patterns, trailing Over neat bar lines) But as they are meant to be. The composer is dead And so are the dots Till the player comes, Breathes life into them And in a world of luminous Sound player and listener Join hands with the music. Dots become notes, The universal song. Metre bec...

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Poetry Corner: July/August 2017

The Quartet Crowd Scarce-breathing sphinxes, row on stonefaced row Glued to the plush as if some mesmerist Had stunned them, while onstage the four with fiddles Bob like weeds in the wind—how can they claim To love the sounds their bodies so resist? Fierce listeners are one of music's riddles. The casual, there for spouses or self-show, Uncrinkling...

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Poetry Corner: May/June 2017

Finger II There was a pianist who developed a third index finger not to play the piano with though it sometimes did intervene discreetly in tricky passages but to point things out when both hands were busy Once in a while the finger shot from his nose to expose an obstinate cougher in the hall or emerged from beneath his tailcoat beckoning a lady i...

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Poetry Corner: March/April 2017

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; line-height: 13.0px; font: 22.0px Helvetica}p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; line-height: 10.8px; font: 9.5px Gotham; min-height: 12.0px}span.s1 {font-kerning: none} On Hearing Couperin's "Rossignol en amour" Played on the Harpsichord by Ruth Dyson For an hour or more you had talked, Wittily, knowledgabl...

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Poetry Corner

Brahms: Waltz[Op. 39, No. 15]As the departing soul looks down upon the earth and its gaze sweeps the grass, takes in the house where time still lingers among tasks left undone:so the hands hover once more over the keys, and the melody, full of outworn desire, repeats itself before it is extinguished.— Norman Finkelstein"Brahms: Waltz [Op. 39, No. 1...

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