Spring 2022: Questions & Answers

QUESTION: "I've recently begun teaching adult leisure classes. I realize that I must plan and teach differently than for private lessons and I want to work on more than technique and repertoire. Do you have suggestions for activities that would engage everyone in the group?" ANSWER: This is such a great question. My adult classe...

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Spring 2022: New Music & Materials

S3: AFRICAN AMERICAN FOLK SONGS COLLECTION: 24 TRADITIONAL FOLK SONGS ARRANGED FORINTERMEDIATE PIANO SOLOarranged by Artina McCain  The African American Folk Songs Collection, arranged by Artina McCain, is a necessary addition to the libraries of today's teachers. Included are twenty-four folk songs for solo piano that prov...

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The Seven Types of Rest: Steps for Recovery

by Paola Savvidou The return to in-person learning has required intense mental and emotional effort. Our students have had to navigate new challenges such as the return to awkward social situations, intermittent disruptions to learning, and the stress of contracting the virus. (1) When they come to lessons with a trusted ad...

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Winter 2022: Teaching Contemporary Piano Techniques to Intermediate Piano Students with Alexina Louie's Star Light, Star Bright

Introducing intermediate piano students to twentieth-and twenty-first-century compositional techniques and styles is essential, especially as we move from Gen Z students to those in Generation Alpha (born in the early 2010s). In Star Light, Star Bright (1995),1 both generations will find an established, musically rich collection of nine pedagogical...

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Winter 2022: Practicing Alongside Our Intermediate Students

Practice may be readily defined by our elementary students as "playing the piano at home" and by intermediate students as "time spent learning my music." Advanced musicians acquire a nuanced definition of practice, which may include concepts like warming up, deep listening and analysis, artistic exploration, cultivating technical freedom, and rehea...

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Winter 2022: Piano News from Around the Globe

Winner of 18th Frederic Chopin International Piano Competition Announced On October 20, Canadian pianist Bruce (Xiaoyu) Lui won first prize at the 18th Frederic Chopin International Piano Competition in Warsaw. Delayed by one year due to the pandemic, Liu competed against twelve finalists, performing the Chopin Concerto in E Minor, Op. 11. Sec...

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Summer 2021: Lessons with Slenczynska


My heart pounded as I stepped out of the elevator of the 27th floor and nervously approached the West End Avenue apartment in New York City where Madame Ruth Slenczynska worked and lived. "What was I thinking to ask to take a lesson from the great Ruth Slenczynska? What would a child prodigy and recording artist think of my goals to not only learn ...

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Summer 2021: Editor's Letter: In Search of Excellent Performance & Teaching Practice


What does it mean to be a good teacher? What separates good teachers from truly great teachers? Educators and researchers have spent untold hours studying outstanding teachers and written hundreds of papers on teaching expertise. In music and piano education, we have a rich body of work that highlights traits of effective teachers. But, as with man...

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Spring 2021: Teaching the Tough Ones: Why It's Worth It


When I was a kid, I wasn't the best student in the class. I certainly wasn't the smartest, and I was terrible at tests—which made school very hard for me. My mother tells me that, until the third grade, I had a terrible time processing. For some reason, this included music. You see, I started piano lessons at the age of six, the "standard" age. But...

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Spring 2021: I Wish I Could Answer That


Playing the piano can mean searching out middle ground, and that ground may be similarly ill-defined, well-nigh slippery, or even mired in paradox. Let's start with the easy examples. I'm not sure that it's particularly more difficult to play non-legato than staccato. But a portamento passage is a dreaded occurrence in the life of my students. Mayb...

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Spring 2021: How's the Connection : Relational Lessons Online AND In the Studio


These are words I have spoken countless times over the last ten months as I have adapted to the realm of online piano teaching. Some days lessons flow seamlessly without incident or interruption, and I feel inspired, confident, and extremely proud of my students. Other days, I struggle to communicate a simple point as network connections falter, au...

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Spring 2021: Rocherolle’s New Orleans Sketches: Teaching Tips for “Masquerade!”


Eugénie Rocherolle has written numerous compositions inspired by the music and culture of her hometown of New Orleans. Many of these appealing pieces offer students opportunities to learn about styles of music that permeate the parades and festivals in the city while developing important technical and musical skills. Her suite, New Orleans Sketches...

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Spring 2021: Celebrating 70 Years of Composing: An Interview with American Icon Eugénie Rocherolle


Rocherolle's impressive musical output over her long career is both broad and substantial. She has composed a total of 678 individual pieces and 108 collections for solo piano as well as chamber music with piano. In addition, Rocherolle has published some forty choral pieces, four band compositions, and a piece for flute and piano. Finally, there a...

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Spring 2021: In Memoriam: Nelita True


The world lost a legendary musician, pedagogue, and colleague with the passing of Dr. Nelita True Laires on January 17, 2021. In a 2010 Clavier Companion interview, Dr. True expressed, "I value deeply being part of the eternal continuum of teaching… I simply cannot imagine a more satisfying role in life than that of teacher and being part of that c...

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Spring 2021: Editor's Letter: Embracing the Positi as We Emerge from our Pandemic Cocoons


After the long, dark winter, springtime represents a time for rebirth and renewal. Yet, as we head into the second year of our new "pandemic" normal, many musicians have grown weary of what they had assumed would be temporary inconveniences—teaching online, physically distant performances, and time-shifted chamber music experiences. I'm struck by h...

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Winter 2021: Editor's Letter: Celebrating Musical Innovators

Ludwig van Beethoven was baptized on December 17, 1770, in Bonn. Although unimaginable on that winter day, his influence on generations of musicians across Europe cannot be overstated. To this day, his work occupies an enormous part of our musical canon and playing certain Beethoven sonatas remains a rite of passa...

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