Purposeful Approaches To Introducing Elementary Repertoire

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Fostering collaboration: Elementary and intermediate works for pianist and narrator


By default, being a pianist can feel like a lonely musical pursuit. Students frequently take private lessons, practice alone, perform solo repertoire, and only occasionally play duets with a teacher, family member, or friend. It is not until after many years of private study that students are finally encouraged to collaborate with other student mus...

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Winning essay from the 2017 Clavier Companion Collegiate Writing Contest


In the Spring of 2017, Clavier Companion sponsored its ninth annual Collegiate Writing Contest, inviting college students from around the world to submit 1,500 word essays on a pedagogical topic of their choice. We extend our sincere thanks to professors Gail Berenson, Pamela Pike, and Suzanne Schons for serving as adjudicators for this year's cont...

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Closer Look Pieces for warm weather

This spunky solo is atoe-tapping audience pleaser.A humorous recurring bumblebeemotif alternates with jazzybroken chords and syncopatedrhythms to create a very visualand dancelike aural story.Students move quickly aroundthe piano, exploring ever-changingtextures and articulations. The few pedal markingsfor sonority do not require a legato pedal tec...

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Gretchaninoff's musical gems

My teacher Eugene List once commented, "The piano literature is so vast, that at any level pianists can find beautiful music they are able to play." As a teacher, it is so easy to teach the same pieces over and over and not explore what is available today. Yeeseon Kwon has extensively studied the music of the Russian composer Alexander Gretchaninof...

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Let's order in!

Occasionally I have a student who is reluctant to move past the first method book, or is easily discouraged when things get the least bit challenging. Some are unwilling even to explore past a C-major pentascale. Fortunately, I discovered "Pepperoni Pizza," a captivating little piece from Mona Rejino's elementary-level collection, Just for Kids (Ha...

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Putting It All Together: Repertoire

Martha Appleby is an independent piano teacher who is known for her effective blend of expertise, good humor, and common sense. A weIl-traveled teacher, clinician, judge, and author, she has written Follow Me which is published by Neil A. Kjos Music ...

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What is Appropriate at the Early Level for the Gifted Child? Do You Use a Method Book?

I can hear that sigh when some of you read this question. One long-suffering teacher said, "Gifted child? In my studio a student is 'gifted' if the weekly assignment has been practiced!!" Or, as another teacher proudly told me, "I have a gifted student- he can play ALL of the scales." After determining that the student was fourteen years old a...

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What Is Your Favorite Recital Repertoire for 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-Year Students?

from the series: Putting It All Together: Repertoire Recital--the very word sends a tremor of anxiety through any piano teacher. Some teachers cleverly disguise this event by giving it another name: Piano Party, Spring Keyboard Festival, or Music for a Sunday Afternoon. Whatever the title, repertoire must be chosen and students must be prepare...

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