May/June 2018 First Looks: Apps for Teaching


A closer look at SuperScore A unique liquid display? Embedded performances? Interactive features for learning and performing? An amazing library of scores? Is it possible that all of these features are found in one free app? Yes, in an app called SuperScore. To say that George Litterst, developer of SuperScore, is a pioneer in the world of music te...

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March/April 2018: First Looks: Apps for teaching

Looking for fresh ways to prepare students for an upcoming theory test? Need a new method to reinforce and build student confidence in any music-related topic? Consider using Heads Up or Kahoot.  Heads up  Ellen DeGeneres introduced Heads Up for her show years ago, as it makes a terrific family game for holiday fun. The app comes with a v...

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Piano teaching programs reviewed: ArtistWorks and Meludia


ArtistWorks OVERVIEW: Equipment needed: Computer, phone, or tablet with video recording capability; internet connection. Mac and Windows are supported. Pricing: Packages are $105 for 3 months, $179 for 6 months, and $279 for 12 months. Video lectures/ lessons, backing tracks, video exchanges and submissions, and theory cour...

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Piano teaching programs reviews: Practicia

Overview Price: Free for now. Subscription pricing will take effect when beta period ends, date and price to be determined. Technical Requirements: High-speed internet connections, iPhone or iPad. Android and desktop versions currently under development. Website: Customer support: Excellent communication ...

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Piano teaching programs reviewed: Wolfie

Overview Price: Free zone or full premium access for $5.99/month (both student and teacher must purchase) Systems: Only available for the iPad Equipment: Any acoustic or digital piano; no cables or equipment necessary Website: Pros Large catalog and ability to scan any PDF score into the appNo extra equipment neededTe...

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Piano Teaching Programs Reviewed: Simply Piano

Tutorial Mode

OVERVIEW:  Three subscription options:  1 Month - $14.99  3 Months - $29.99  1 Year - $89.99  Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch  Requires iOS 9.0 or later and internet connection  Optional: USB midi cable and Apple Camera Connection Kit for use with headphones  Website:

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Playground Sessions

by Kristin Cahill  OVERVIEW: • PRICE AND OPTIONS: -$9.99/month (billed annually); includes $20 in song credits -$17.99 for a single month; includes one free song -$269.99 lifetime membership; includes $40 in song credits  *All subscriptions have full access to Playground software, community features (social media, leader boards), free Boo...

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Piano Marvel

OVERVIEW Price: • Free for level 1 materials. Premium account ($15/month or $99/year) provides full access to all levels.  • Some repertoire must be purchased in addition to the subscription. • The teacher and student both need subscriptions. Students are "linked" to teacher accounts upon subscription.  Technological Requirements: • ...

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Piano Maestro

Piano Maestro Logo

Not too long ago (say, way back in the 1990s), if you wanted to learn to play the piano, you basically had two options: you could find a teacher and take traditional lessons, or you could buy a book and try to teach yourself. With the growth of the internet and the arrival of smart mobile devices, those opportunities have expanded considerably.&nbs...

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