Students are sure to make time for Kevin Olson's energetic early-intermediate piece Time's Up! (FJH). The imaginative use of changing meters and brisk tempo give this piece a delightful spontaneity and definitely make it an enjoyable introduction to asymmetrical time signatures.

The A section, in 5/4 meter, uses the treble clef for both hands. Though written in C major, the B-flat accidental suggests Mixolydian mode in C, and provides a modern sound. The left hand maintains a 3 + 2 rhythmic pattern, and, happily, Olson prints this counting pattern under the notes in measure 1. He cleverly uses only four different notes in the main melody; the melody can be a finger twister, so careful slow practice is required, as seen in measures 3-6.

The B section is a spirited jazz waltz, and students like the sophisticated sound of the major and minor seventh chords. In contrast to the consistent mezzo piano in the first section, this second-section waltz builds to a forte. Once students analyze the patterns and sequences, as seen in measures 12-15, learning the notes will be a breeze.

After the return of the A section, a short transition in 4/4 with a hemiola leads to an exciting coda. The coda starts quietly in 5/4, then, with a sudden forte, the opening melody returns briefly, but this time in 4/4. Olson at last returns to 3/4; in measures 46-49, left-hand descending fourths and fifths begin on D-flat and add an unexpected burst of color to the final C.

Time's Up! has a fresh sound with plenty of rhythmic and harmonic twists and turns. It sounds more complicated than it is, and it will appeal to students and audiences of all ages.—Carmen Doubrava

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