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May/June: Perspectives



When you think of the word "change," what comes to your mind? Without trying to think too hard, or second guess if I am after something specific, find a piece of paper and a pen/pencil (remember those?), or go to your computer or other device of choice (haven't we all changed to rely heavily on electronics?) and make a list of what comes to your mind—no edits—just write down words or phrases. When you have complied as many words or phrases as you can in five minutes, return to finishing this article. I am going to do the same thing before I write further. 

Change—change a radio station, a TV channel, a hair style, a piece of clothing, a baby's diaper, the size of the font, the time you go to bed or get up, what you eat, where you live, how you dress, what you say, how you think, a fingering or bowing, a password, your mood, how you manage your stage fright. 

I bet you came up with many ideas, although some people may have had an initial block to getting started. Change can be used as a verb (as in I changed my clothes) or a noun (I received $2 in change for the $10 dollar bill I used.) Why am I asking you do think about change? Why am I writing about change in this article? Change implies—well a change! 

For almost three years, I have written an article for every Clavier Companion under the heading of Mind Matters. Invited by Pete Jutras, former Editor-in-Chief of Clavier Companion, to be a contributing editor on a regular basis, I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts, research, and experiences as both a pianist and a psychologist about performing, teaching, stage fright, careers, professional issues, life cycle development as a musician, and other various topics. I have been heartened and warmed by the personal emails some of you have shared with me. I have enjoyed the freedom to write creatively. I have grown from this experience tremendously–I have changed! A change is happening now at Clavier Companion. 

When Pete Jutras moved on from being Editor-in-Chief several months ago, many other changes began to take shape. One of those changes affects the regular columns that are authored by various writer-musicians, including me. One of the decisions by the new Editorial Board is to change the format of the magazine to encourage a greater variety of authors. That change will retire Mind Matters and inaugurate the column Wellness. Although I will miss my bi-monthly "chats" with you, I also see the value of this change. There are many voices in our profession who have something to say about performing and teaching. They should be heard. You can learn from different viewpoints and experiences and draw upon what is most helpful for you and your students.
So, readers, this is not a goodbye column, but one that welcomes change. I look forward to being a contributor in future editions, I will continue as a reader, and I welcome what lies ahead. Change is inevitable and healthy. Isn't that basically what we have been talking about, no matter what the theme of a particular column? 

I wish all of you and your students enjoyable performances and continued dedication in one of the most noble and satisfying professions I can think of. It has been my pleasure to come into your homes and studios on the pages of Clavier Companion.

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April 22


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