Dear Editor,

The Editor's Page ("Who will save the guitar?" July/August 2017) commented on the 10,000 hour rule of thumb. This has been rumbling around in my mind for a little while as a confluence of discussions that all reference this "law" have been keeping the idea active in my head. The comment about taking 10,000 hours to reach expert or master level in a task is a key part to the meme, and perhaps the most daunting.

Few people really reach the expert level before they begin to apply what they know in a given area. You don't have to wait until you are at a "Master Level" to use a skill. In fact it makes sense not to wait, but to get out there and perform. You will get to that Master Level sooner if you are applying yourself to the task.

If someone bemoans how much effort 10,000 hours will be, you can reduce their stress by promising they can start using their skill long before they get to 10,000 hours.

                                                                                                                                                           â€”John Sandlin, San Antonio, TX 

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