Celebrating Ten Years of Clavier Companion: Returning to Our Roots and Embracing Change

If we do not change, we risk failing to grow and evolve as human beings. The same can be said for organizations and for resources that we depend on for our professional development. At the dawn of the new year, I am pleased to announce that Clavier Companion: The Piano Magazine is adapting to our time. First, beginning with the March 2019 issue, we will be rebranding ourselves to The Piano Magazine: Clavier Companion. We believe that embracing the former subtitle of our magazine projects a fresher image and more clearly reflects who we are and what we do. We are a magazine about piano playing and teaching. You may have already noticed that inside, we have been grouping our articles into five broad categories: teaching, learning, playing, discovering, and reflecting. We believe that these five components are critical for anyone engaged in the serious study of piano teaching and learning.

We each seem to be busier than ever with our professional and personal lives, and we have heard that you would like more time to read, explore, reflect, and digest between issues. Thus, we will be returning to quarterly publication of The Piano Magazine: Clavier Companion beginning with the March 2019 issue. Many of you remember that one of the forerunners of our magazine (Keyboard Companion) was published quarterly. We are excited to offer you more robust, in-depth articles with our new quarterly publication and we hope you will appreciate the extra time to explore all that the magazine has to offer, both in print and online.

Be assured that your current subscription will be honored. If you paid for six issues, you will receive all six of those issues, even though this will essentially extend your subscription beyond the original time frame. We know that you will have questions as we navigate this important transition of The Piano Magazine: Clavier Companion together. In fact, we have prepared a FAQ page for you (see our website for details) and as always, please feel free to reach out to us via email, Facebook, or telephone if you have questions. Our contact information is located on the FAQ page. Our editorial team and members of the Frances Clark Center will be at our booth at the upcoming MTNA National Conference, where we welcome the opportunity to connect in person and share ideas!

We thank you for your ongoing support of the Frances Clark Center through your subscription to The Piano Magazine: Clavier Companion. We are dedicated to providing our readers with high-quality performance and teaching articles. The print and digital versions of The Piano Magazine: Clavier Companion are your source for the best practices in piano teaching and learning. Remember to visit our digital archives and our online platform for enriched teacher education content on topics that you wish to delve into more deeply. Be sure to engage with us through the PianoTeachLearn subscriber Facebook group, the Teaching Foundational TechniqueInspiring Artistry, and Timeless Teaching videos, and through our regular webinars.

We encourage you to make the most of your subscription by exploring many of our excellent resources and we thank you for your ongoing support of the Frances Clark Center and The Piano Magazine: Clavier Companion.

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