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Over 50 young musicians had a fun-filled time at Piano Palooza, a carnival of music games for elementary-level piano students ages 12 and under. Participants visited game stations, collected a "punch" for each game played, then traded a completed card for a prize.

Piano Palooza grew out of a smaller event that Avon Lake (OH) teacher Lynette Gray first held in her basement. Her friends in the Cleveland Piano Teachers' Organization (CPTO) recognized that enthusiasm for lessons grows when the learning is fun. So far, they have collaborated on five events for their combined students, held in alternating years in church or library meeting rooms. High school pianists are paid to assist.

Some games and their content include: Fish Pond – catching a note to place on the grand staff; Music Bingo – recognizing music symbols; Keyboard Quiz – placing tiles with notes onto the correct piano keys; Claw Machine – using levers to grab a plastic egg with a question inside; Rhythm Cups – tapping rhythms of increasing difficulty; Computer Games – provided by musiclearningcommunity.com; Instrument Petting Zoo – trying out a variety of instruments, courtesy of a local music store. New this year was a Pets at the Piano Photo Contest.

-Submitted to Clavier Companion by Janet Sima, CPTO Vice-President

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