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Dr. Barbara Fast, Frieda Derdeyn Professor of Piano and Piano Area Chair, coordinates the group piano program as well as teaches graduate and undergraduate piano pedagogy at the University of Oklahoma. Named the 2008 Irene and Julian Rothbaum Presidential Professor of Excellence in the Arts at OU, she co-founded the National Group Piano/Piano Pedagogy Forum held for the first time in 2000. Dr. Fast also serves on the Editorial Board of the MTNA E-Journal, and as Associate Editor of Piano Pedagogy Forum, the first internet keyboard journal. She has presented numerous workshops on practicing, sight reading, ensemble music, technology, newly published music, and historical keyboard pedagogy at Music Teachers National Conferences (MTNA), The Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, International and National College Music Society Conferences (CMS), the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy (NCKP), World Piano Pedagogy Conferences (WPPC), and the European Piano Teachers Conference (EPTA). She has served on numerous national and state MTNA and NCKP piano pedagogy related positions. In 2012 Dr. Fast began serving as President-Elect of the Oklahoma Music Teachers Association (OMTA). Additionally she has performed in chamber settings in England, Russia, and Japan as well as presented lecture recitals and master classes throughout the United States.

Keep Your Cell Phone Out: Technology that Transforms Traditional Practicing and Teaching

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Heather Waldrop
No audio? I thought I would be able to watch the webinar I missed.
Sunday, 20 October 2019 22:02
Jada Gordon
I watched this whole video and It looks so great means I found this video very useful for me. you should make more video with best... Read More
Friday, 04 September 2020 05:36

Change It Up!: Interleaved Practice–What It Is, Why It Works

What is Interleaved Practice?  Repetition is the most time-honored method of learning anything new, be it basketball, math, or piano. Practice! And practice some more.  But how do we structure practicing? How musicians or math students organize their practice and study time is not frequently discussed or thought about in great detail. Mus...
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Recent Comments
Amy Glennon
This is absolutely fascinating. Looking forward to implementing these ideas. Thank you!
Saturday, 15 June 2019 07:04
Catherine Burge
Thanks for making us aware of these ideas on the Webinar today "Possibilities of Practice in a Pandemic"
Tuesday, 21 April 2020 11:07

The digital reproducing piano in the university setting

As pianists nearing the year 2000, we live in a time of technological revolution: keyboards are continuing to undergo rapid development, computers are accepted as the norm by students of all ages, and electronic communication via the internet is burgeoning. In the midst of these exciting technological changes, we pianists are in love with acoustic ...
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