Spring 2008    Volume 19, Number 1

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Editor’s Page: The right tool for the job — Pete Jutras

Technology: How do you use technology in your summer teaching?—George Litterst with Sam Ecoff and Tom Stampfli
Tech Tips
Jazz & Pop: Gershwin's Blue Lullaby–Tony Caramia
Music Reading: What common pitfalls occur in the teaching of music reading?–Craig Sale with Bruce Berr
Technique: Teaching artistic phrasing–Pete Jutras with Marvin Blickenstaff
Rhythm: What common pitfalls occur in the teaching of rhythmic subdivision?–Bruce Berr with Craig Sale
Perspectives in Pedagogy: What does research tell us about the learning process?–Rebecca Johnson with Suzanne Schons
Adult Piano Study: How do you help an adult student who has ingrained poor technical habits?–Michelle Conda with the Adult Learning Committee of the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy
Repertoire & Performance: How would you teach the same piece of music to students with different learning styles?–Nancy Bachus with Suzanne Torkelson
Home Practice: How do you teach students to practice memorization?–Pete Jutras with Elizabeth Lane
News & Views: How do you respond when a student says, "I want to pursue a career in music"?–Helen Smith Tarchalski with Gail Lew
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