Closer Look: Carol Montparker's Watercolors

In our January/February 2013 issue, Susan Geffen reviews Carol Montparker's A Pianist's Journal in Venice as part of her regular column, Closer Look. The following watercolors, from the book, serve as a supplement to the article and are printed with permission by Ms. Montparker. Click HERE to read the full review in our digital edition. 

All captions provided by Ms. Montparker:

“I approached the piano in the corner, near the window. Who had lived in this grand space? A contessa? A doge?”



“The quality of light and color in Venice has an almost blinding luminosity that makes every color --gold, coral, tangerine…surpass its mere flat designation, and vibrate and permeate one’s senses.”



“We were delivered by water taxi  to the canal entrance of a palazzo the color of faded roses.”



"In Venice, every fourth doorway is the entrance to a church;  often there is a piano or harpsichord set up for a concert at the altar."